Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blog Topic Expansion

It hasn't been that long since I started this blog but I've decided to do a blog topic expansion and also write about other software dev related issues that I like and feel confident in. So I'm also going to blog on OOSD (Object Oriented Software Development) issues & topics ranging from analysis & design issues all the way over to software process & team management issues that I've had to deal with during my current (or past) work experience.

I'm also going to dedicate a fair amount of its contents to design patterns and their practical real life usage. I've had huge exposure to design pattern usage both through practice and through design pattern courses that I have taught, and I would like to share that with everyone through this blog. I'm also hoping that I would find some interesting AOSD (Aspect Oriented Software Development) issues to talk about, especially in conjunction or parallel to more "classical" OO & Design Pattern concepts.

Wish me luck and don't hesitate in adding comments & feedbacks,


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